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Lead Change 2022 – Re-define your service proposition

  November 2, 2022
  11:25 - 12:25 GMT


About this event

We all have different job titles and role descriptions, influenced by the level of understanding and the appreciation for our value in our organizations. To increase the recognition of our value, and engage our stakeholders, define your service proposition so you can deliver a professional change management service, and gain recognition for what you achieve.

Melanie will take us through the key points we need to make, aligning these points to stakeholders upstream and downstream in our organizations, and showing us some of the different things to consider if the service proposition is for external clients or internal colleagues.

She will align the description of what we do to the behavioural change lifecycle, and throughout her presentation she will use phrases that convey the value of our work. For example:

“as a result of what I do…”;

“the outcome of my work is that I create….”;

“the difference I make to the business is….”

This presentation isn’t just for change professionals. If we are going to re-set our value within our organisations and get a chance to shape the strategic objectives and design of the transformations that we support, we need to work collaboratively with others at the enterprise level. Invite your colleagues from your strategy office, your enterprise PMO, your portfolio management function and your business architects. We want to articulate the value of an effective change management capability, so bring the audience that you think needs to hear this message.

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