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Melanie as a thought leader

I have dedicated the last 20 years to building the capability for change in organisations. This has exposed me to a wide range of organisational structures and individuals from around the world and it is this experience that I build on every day. Aside from the academic and professional qualifications that I acquired over this time, my ability to share new concepts and inspire others to embrace change and strive to improve their personal and professional performance is what I am most proud of.

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Culture Integration as the Key Point for Company Management

Developing Transition Plans with Melanie

Transformational change has many sources and many desired outcomes to achieve organisational efficiency. Melanie has a wealth of experience in designing and leading large-scale transformational change across the UK and in multiple locations, multiple countries and in a variety of industries and sectors. She has developed the change capability for organisations where change will affect 50 staff to programmes which will impact in excess of 50,000 staff.

The ethos of the transformation coaching that Melanie provides is knowledge transfer to achieve organisational efficiency. She is at a point in her working life where she wants to develop the change management skills and capabilities in others. She can provide one to one transformational coaching for executives and senior leaders enabling them to translate their strategic objectives into effective transition plans. She will continue to support them as they lead their teams through change and the stress of restructuring, culture integration and process re-design.

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