Agile Change Agent

The Agile Change Agent course is based upon the successful book “Agile Change Management – a practical framework for successful change planning and implementation.

There are two versions of this course an virtual classroom instructor led event, it is delivered for two consecutive days. Or as a self-paced e-learning course equating to 20 hours of training.

Implement new ways of working with Agile Change Agent

Agile Change Agent Course

How will this certified Agile Change Agent Course develop my career?

Agile and change are two of the most in demand skills to develop. All organisations are undertaking high volumes of change and need people who understand how to move themselves and others to new ways of working. 

This course covers the structural side of planning a change initiative along with aspects of emotional intelligence that help us work collaboratively with all those impacted. It delivers 21st century leadership skills, whatever your role or level of experience. 

It has been designed to bridge the gap between the formal theories, models and techniques in Change Management and Agile Project Management, providing a follow-on course for those with the qualifications and an entry point for those who need the capability but haven’t studied the subjects in depth.

Learn with the author and trainer of two best-selling change management courses.

The course contents are drawn from my book Agile Change Management which is a practical guide to planning and delivering change using the Agile principles of incremental and iterative delivery.

As well as the structural techniques for creating the plan and prioritising the work, this course includes techniques for the people side of change. We look at ways to build productive, respectful relationships with those we need to persuade to work differently, using two perspectives:

  • Techniques for creating empathy between yourself and those you seek to influence.
  • Techniques to build an environment that supports and encourages people as they adapt to new ways of working.
Agile Change Management Edition 2

Get your hands of a copy of Melanie’s brand new 2nd Edition Agile Change Agent book with this course

Benefits of this course

The feedback from all those that have taken the course is that they gain skills in practical techniques as well as understanding how Agile approaches impact change and why Agile approaches fit with our world of constant, continuous change. 

The course continually builds your practical ability in planning, implementing, and adopting new ways of working using agile techniques. You will be able to apply these techniques to your own work during and after the course. There are lots of comments about this on Trustpilot so you can have a look at these here. 

Who is this course for?

This course is relevant for anyone who is taking part in change at work. It doesn’t assume you know anything about agile or change management, and it doesn’t require you to be in a leadership position. We are all responsible for making change happen, and we need practical techniques to do this. 

The course increases your ability to get this done. People attend who are experienced change managers, people who are working in “business as usual” roles but have been asked to take part in a change initiative that affects their team. People in project, program and portfolio management roles attend because they want to understand how to integrate their work with other changes being made in the business. Business analysts and communication experts attend because they want to know how to contribute their skills to making change happen. Senior managers who are asked to sponsor change initiative attend so they can understand how to fulfil their responsibilities.

There is no assumption that you have prior knowledge of agile methods or change management techniques. If you do have a background in either of these areas, you will be able to see where your existing skills complement what you are learning. This course is all about how to do things, so I will not weigh you down with lots of theoretical knowledge that is nice to know, but that doesn’t help you do things in the real world.

Why Choose Melanie?

The Story

Agile approaches are increasingly being adopted by organizations as they recognise the need to respond quickly and easily in a world of complex and continuous change. 

Until recently APMG courses and qualifications focused on those taking specific responsibility for a project/change initiative. The Agile Change Agent was launched in 2019 to widen the field, providing an entry into the world of Agile and Change for all those in the business who are impacted, but whose day job continues to be a “business as usual” role. To address the increasing demand for those within organizations to understand agile working and its role in successfully implementing and adopting change.

Instrumental in its conception and design Melanie is the Chief Examiner for the Agile Change Agent course and certification, having partnered with APMG International, an internationally respected examining body, to offer it as a global qualification. 

She developed the idea for the course, following demand for training based on the launch of her Agile Change Management book in 2013.  A book she wrote to provide easy to understand techniques for making change happen. The book is published by Kogan Page and sells all over the world.

Her 100% success rate comes from her being a champion of change management since its early conceptualisation in the early 1990s. In addition to training, Melanie is currently involved in leading several significant transformations impacting tens of thousands of staff with capital investment in the millions. 

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