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Turn Your Ideas into a Reality with Change Management Course

Change Management Foundation & Practitioner

How will this certified Change Management Course develop my career?

The change management profession is a sought-after management discipline that continues to experience exponential growth. BUT…to be included in this growth, we must show that we have mastered the basics and that we have knowledge and expertise in organisational change management that others do not have. Gaining this globally recognised qualification is a mark of excellence. 

Just as project management has become a standard requirement of many non-project roles especially in the UK, change management skills form a significant proportion of the competencies needed for the most interesting, exciting and highly paid roles being advertised today. 

Increasingly, recruiters are seeking evidence of these skills through change management qualifications and change management certification. After all, if you are hiring someone for a change role, a minimum requirement should be change management qualifications.

Change management training is important because we are all expected to balance high performance in the ‘business as usual’ aspects of our jobs with an ability to improve how we work, originating ideas for changes and improvements, and being able to put these changes into practice.

Change Management
Benefits of this course

Feedback from this course always emphasises how useful it is and how many problem solving techniques it contains. People report having more confidence to plan, manage and take part in change initiatives following attendance.

As part of the course materials I provide you with a toolkit of checklists, techniques and dashboards so you can start managing your change projects using what you have learnt from the moment you leave.

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at anyone who is taking part in change at work. It doesn’t assume that you are in overall charge of the changes, but recognises you are part of a team that has to create and successfully embed new ways of working.

The course creates knowledge transfer from me to you, so it is relevant if:

  • You are responsible for the creation of new ways of working as a result of a project investment.
  • You are in a change management role, where you are identifying what needs to be done by those who are going to have to work differently
  • You have been selected as a “change agent” or “change champion” to create the new ways of working.

For example, someone who is new to change will benefit from learning the material for the first time. This builds confidence and credibility and gives those new to the subject the chance to start in the right way from the beginning of their careers in change management. 

Those who are already experienced in organisational change and transformation will learn the same material, but will be able to compare the theory with their real-life experience. Whether you are new to the subject or very experienced, we have all been affected by change, so there is a common experience across the courses, which is “oh, that is why that worked/didn’t work!” as people compare what happened to them against the best practice theories and models within the course.

Why Choose Melanie?

The Story

The Change Management Practitioner is the definitive certification for professionals dealing with organizational change, transition and transformation.

Developed by APMG in partnership with the Change Management Institute. The Change Management course is designed to help organizations and their people manage the impact of change and provide techniques to effectively plan and implement successful transformation initiatives.

Based on the Effective Change Manager’s Handbook – aligned to the Institute’s Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK) – the course explores how change affects, and is affected by, individuals, teams, organizations and change leaders.

Since the launch of the Change Management Foundation & Practitioner certificate in 2008, Melanie has trained thousands of professionals and coached over 100 organisations into adopting Change Management principles. Melanie Franklin is one of the leaders in training this examination based course.

Her 100% success rate comes from her being a champion of change management since its early conceptualisation in the early 1990s. In addition to training, Melanie is currently involved in leading several significant transformations impacting tens of thousands of staff with capital investment in the millions.

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