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Melanie Franklin- Agile Change Management Trainer

Meet Melanie

I have been a senior leader for 30 years, starting my career as a Business Analyst, becoming a Project Manager then Programme Manager and then Global Head of Project and Programme Management before taking a CEO role in a UK and Middle East consultancy company. I am currently assuring two transformation programmes, one in government and one in the private sector.

I am an independent adviser to a number of boards, I am the Chief Examiner and Scheme Owner for the globally recognised Agile Change Agent qualification and I am the Co-Lead of the UK Change Management Institute.

Agile Training
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Style of coaching

My coaching is practical and pragmatic, walking through your issues, helping you find the way forward that will be most effective for the scale of the change and the culture of your organisation.  My coaching is better described as mentoring, because my emphasis is on transferring my knowledge and experience. I have a strong academic background, so what I advise is evidence based, along with up to date practical experience.

Building your capability to lead change

What you can expect

The most important thing that I do in my coaching sessions is listen. Every organisation has a different culture, and different challenges. Organisations can be mature in some aspects of their project, programme and change management work and immature in others. I do not arrive with pre-conceived ideas, and whilst I form a perspective during my work with you, I continue to challenge my own assumptions and those of my coachees.

My mantra for my work is “ask, don’t tell” as there is little benefit on either side of dictating to senior leaders how they should lead. I am regularly praised for my insightful questions and my willingness to ask thought provoking questions, so I believe I have a track record on delivering “ask, don’t tell”.

I have real-time experience of the pitfalls and pressures of encouraging often overworked and exhausted staff to work in new ways. I am happy to share the things that work and give very honest answers about why things haven’t worked and what to avoid making the same mistakes. I have experience of so many different types of project, programme and change initiative that very few problems surprise me. This gives us a basis to debate a range of possible solutions and examine their potential advantages and disadvantages.

We will end the session by planning the actions that you are going to take, who to involve, what activities to get started with, what can come later and how long things are likely to take.

Follow up

After your coaching session, you will want to get off and running, feeling inspired and energised. To help you do this, I will follow up with additional materials that are relevant to what we have been discussing. This is all included in the fee and helps to ensure that our coaching was not just a conversation, but makes a difference to how you are able to work, increasing your productivity, your creativity and reducing your stress.

Examples of the type of materials I provide include checklists, example presentation materials, reference materials and sample communications for you to use with your stakeholders.

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