Understanding AI – It’s everywhere!

AI is an incredibly popular subject, and I think we are just at the start of the wave.

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AI is an incredibly popular subject, and I think we are just at the start of the wave.

Understanding AI and utilising AI tools is a popular trend, with lots of companies trying things out, learning as they go and sharing their experiences.

How I’m Increasing my Understanding of AI

As AI manifests in all areas of business, I know (like you) that I am constantly playing catch-up. I thought it would help you decide on your own actions if I share a few things that I am doing to further understand AI as I go:

  1. The new phone from Samsung – it is AI enabled and it has prompted me to arrange an upgrade – simply because I think using the AI functionality every day on my phone will build my knowledge and my confidence. This article gives a useful overview of how AI is going to be applied to our phone experience this year.
  •  Learning from peers – Understanding the context of source material on AI can be challenging, so I like it to be recommended to me. I also find it useful when others who know more about AI share their perspectives. I recommend you join this group on LinkedIn as it is a quick way to source interesting documents, webinars and events:
  •  Making time to research and review – Put aside at least 15 minutes once a week to do a quick review of articles, watch videos, etc. – little and often is a good way of engaging with something really new. It helps if you create a regular timeslot as this will ensure you repeat the experience, and repetition is a key component of building a habit.

These suggestions rely on your curiosity. 

AI and Curiosity – The Best Way to Further Your Understanding. 

As I try to finish writing the Neuroscience for Change handbook (being chased by publishers for the finished manuscript is never fun!) I thought I would share with you some of the ideas in the book about curiosity. 

Curiosity releases dopamine, a chemical in the brain that creates motivation and excitement. To be curious, we must start with being humble – recognising we do not know everything (reading this blog means you qualify – you are looking to learn more).

To help develop your curiosity we can:

  • List what you don’t know and look it up – general search tools like Google, or use ChatGPT to get fuller answers
  • Have a list of open questions to ask – when you are reading and listening to others. 
  • Observe closely, increase what you notice – how long, who is involved, what are their inputs, what are they producing, etc
  • Make it easy to find information – see above for the LinkedIn group 

Share Your Understanding of AI and Beyond

As always, do share the link to this blog with others in your network and those interested in understanding more about AI. The more of us sharing our knowledge on how it will impact business, the more we will all learn from each other. 

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