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Neuroscience to Drive Change at Work

  January 26, 2023
  17:00 - 18:00 GMT

https://crm.agilechangemanagement.co.uk/neuroscience-for-change-management Watch on-demand »

About this event

Change is stressful, lets not make it worse by working against how our brains want to operate.

Know the basics of how our brains work, so that you can reduce resistance, decrease stress and maximise positivity, creativity and engagement. Neuroscience isn’t new, but as technology enables us to track how our brains work in different situations, we can identify ways to apply this understanding in the workplace.

Following the success of the last webinar where over 1000 of you attended, Melanie will once again run through the basics of what neuroscience is, how it applies to managing change, the benefits of basing your interventions on neuroscientific principles and shares examples of how you can apply the concepts to your own change initiatives.

You can also download Melanie’s accompanying paper from this link.

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https://crm.agilechangemanagement.co.uk/neuroscience-for-change-management Watch on-demand »

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