Criteria to create participation in your change

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In my previous blog, I explained primary drivers. We can apply this concept to ensure that our communications with stakeholders trigger an instinctive desire to participate in our change. Below are criteria based on these primary drivers to enhance the effectiveness of your messaging and generate participation in your change.


  • Is there an opportunity to be part of a team?
  • Will others give you support and help?
  • Will you be able to share your experiences with others?


  • Is there a clear plan?
  • Is this expected?
  • Does everyone know what they have to do?


  • Does your message offer your stakeholders the opportunity to:
    • Ask questions?
    • Take decisions?
    • Implement their ideas?


  • Are the success criteria clear and easy to understand?
  • Is there a balance between who benefits and who is disadvantaged?


  • Do you recognise the skills and experience of your stakeholders?
  • Do you communicate according to established reporting lines?


  • Are there opportunities to solve problems and create new ideas?
  • Are there opportunities to learn new skills?
  • Are there opportunities to share learning with others?

To get help in creating change communications that generate instinctive, immediate participation in change, join me on my next Agile Change Agent course