Capabilities Summary January 2023

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Following analysis of 100 business change roles advertised across the UK and US on Tuesday 31st January 2023 I identified these capabilities as the most in-demand, appearing on more than 50% of the role descriptions. The wording differed for every role, so I have selected the phrase that was most representative of what is being asked for.

Making sure you have the skills needed to deliver these requirements strengthens your interview confidence, and ultimately your job hunting success.

Establish and deliver the overall change programme applying structured charge management processesTechnique and template for building your Change Management StrategyAgile Change Agent
Using a structured process and set of tools for leading people through changeRoadmap planning technique  Agile Change Agent
Assessment of change impact, change readiness and identification of key stakeholders.  New “Inter-dependent Impact assessment” technique New “Entry and exit checklists” techniqueAgile Change Agent
Managing complex stakeholder relationships to make sure delivery is aligned to customer and business needs.New analysis technique for identifying the complete community that forms your teamAgile Change Agent
Ensuring the planning, delivery and benefits realisation of an evolving complex change.Decomposition of the vision/end goal technique Roadmap planning techniqueAgile Change Agent
Taking into consideration user experience and how the change will impact employees.“Know yourself to know others” emotional intelligence techniqueAgile Change Agent
Strong problem solving skills to assess the impact of change and how we help our people adjust successfully to our future state.New inter-dependent Impact assessment techniqueAgile Change Agent
Solid understanding of how people go through a change and the change process.Understanding and applying the Behavioural Change LifecycleAgile Change Coach
Have excellent engagement and communication skills to sell the vision of the change project/programme.Neuro-hacks to build interest and support for the changeAgile Change Coach
Identify resistance to change across the organisation, working with the program team to effectively address them.Neuro-hacks to create positivity and buy-in to the change objectivesAgile Change Coach
Excellent relationship skills and influencing skills to engage our people through change successfully.Neuro-hacks to trigger participation in changeAgile Change Coach
Displays high levels of emotional intelligence; empathises and influences to resolve issues and drive shared thinking towards a common goal.

Neuro-hacks to create participation in the change Neuro-hacks to develop emotional resilienceAgile Change Coach
Resilient and tenacious with a propensity to persevere.Neuro-hacks to develop emotional resilienceAgile Change Coach