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Agile Project Management

  • Complete methodology
  • Business user perspective
  • Deliver faster and at lower cost
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  • Manage responsabilities
  • Meet business needs

This course is certified by the APMG!

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Change Management Practitioner

  • Complete framework
  • Overcome resistance to change
  • Influence and persuasion skills
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Career enhancing
  • Faster return to Business as Usual

This course is certified by the APMG!

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The Story

Melanie Franklin, the international expert in Change Management, has driven the skills and expertise in Change Management and Project  Management for over 20 years. Anyone looking to find Change Management experts will see that Melanie has dedicated the last 15 years to building both certificated Foundation & Practitioner qualifications in project management and also practical workshops in applying the concepts to the real world.

Agile Change Management Ltd is Melanie Franklin’s expert training and consulting business. Through this platform, she delivers accredited training courses in Change Management and Agile Project Management at both the Foundation and Practitioner levels. Every 4-6 weeks, Melanie delivers the UK open course schedule in her Central London venue, just a few minutes’ walk from Bank, Cannon Street, London Bridge and Liverpool Street. Combining her skills in both subjects with a highly practical, engaging and high-energy delivery style, 100% of delegates come away satisfied, knowing that their investment in money and time was worth it.

Melanie’s Background

Melanie’s background in Operational Management for international banks led her to develop her interest in the benefit of evidencing skills through accredited qualifications. Originally through PRINCE2, she went on to build the 5th largest project management training company offering expertise and training in project, programme, risk and change management with delivery ranging from Asia to Africa and the Americas. Core to her belief was that while systems and processes greatly enhance the ability or organisations to deliver projects, there was a lack of focus on change management, leadership and behavioural skills. She championed the new Change Management qualification in 2008 and did the same with Agile Project Management in 2010.

Is Melanie’s bubbly personality the reason she is an excellent trainer?

While it certainly helps, the thing that delegates say course after course is that it is her real-world experience that brings the material to life. Aside from her time running global operations within investment banking, she continues to deliver expert Change Management consulting to large companies and international agencies. Her work ranges from one-off assignments aimed at redefining corporate strategy to running a series of workshops for those involved in a Change programme to being the lead consultant on a multi-billion dollar transformation programme. Each of these assignments provide the opportunity to test and analyse the effectiveness of the principles of Change Management and then feed this back to delegates attending her accredited courses help in London. This continuous feedback loop has enabled Melanie make significant contributions to the new Change Management syllabus launched in May 2015 both in terms of editing the Effective Change Manager’s Handbook course manual as well as assuring the new examination syllabus.

Why combine Change with Agile?

Combining Agile Project Management with Change Management came about from the global financial crisis starting 2008. As there became less money to spend on projects and staff, traditional waterfall methods of delivering projects came under pressure and started to rely more heavily on the ability of leaders to communicate change but also the willingness of staff to think in a more agile way. After extensive research with industry leaders in the public, private and third sectors, Melanie wrote her award winning book “Managing Business Transformation” and the associated Tool Kit. She then went on to write “Agile Change Management” after which she named her business. Combining a structured approach to change with the benefits of Agile Project delivery, Melanie was able to include anecdotes drawn from her experience as a Change and Agile consultant.

Creating Agile Environments has been a theme for Melanie Franklin and her e-Book of the same title showed readers how to move from a traditional Waterfall project method such as PRINCE2 towards a more Agile approach. As the previous decade in the UK had been driven by government spending on PRINCE2 training and methods, moving organisations away from a prescriptive approach to one where incremental delivery of benefits was required was going to take time. However as financial constraints continue to bite in the UK public sector in particular, innovative thinking to deliver new benefits faster and for less money becomes ever more necessary. As such, hardly a week goes by without Melanie receiving and enquiry from a UK local authority, central government office or the NHS for help speed up project delivery.

Continued passion

Melanie Franklin is vocal about the need for new thinking in project management. As an inspiration speaker, she provides key-note talks at conferences, runs regular webinars on technical aspects of change and agile project management and writes regular blogs and white papers on the issues facing leaders and staff within organisations going through change. Her expertise in these areas is much in demand however she is able to balance her time to ensure all that work with her come away with the benefits they sought.

In 2013, Melanie was appointed Co-Chair of the Change Management Institute (UK). She was sought out for this role due to her limitless energy as well as in-depth practical experience as a Change Expert. Working with her UK committee, she is raising the level of debate around the issues of Change Management and creating a new generation of professionals that can call themselves Change Consultants.