Week 27 – Send a happy email!

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This post is all about sharing positives to feel positive.

Today I started my day feeling miserable. This wasn’t caused by any one big issue, just a collection of issues that added up to me feeling angry/sad/tired/hopeless – a rich pool of negativity!

Sharing my misery

I was talking to friends via email/WhatsApp on the other side of the world, just updating them on progress but also moaning about all the little problems.

I thought their support would make me feel better, but writing down all the things that were annoying me just made me feel more miserable because I was focusing on the negatives.

Stop moaning!

To stop this vicious circle, I challenged myself to find something good – not easy when I am feeling negative, so I had to look for anything:

  • Issues that I have found solutions for
  • Agreements I have reached with others
  • Features and functionality that is working on my online platform
  • New ideas that me and my team have had.

To build on the good stuff, I let others know. After all, why waste a positive thought – it took me ages to think of good things this morning, so to save my colleagues energy and to trigger their own positive thoughts, I sent some happy messages.

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