Week 8- Finding the positives from Covid lockdowns

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As we approach the 3rd anniversary of the start of the lockdown, I want to look back and find all the positives that came out of such a frightening and awful time. Many of us lost relatives and friends, and that heartbreak is still with us, but I don’t want to look back as if everything that happened was awful. That will not bring those I love back. Instead, I want to find something to be grateful for because I know it is that gratitude that creates my future hope, optimism and confidence. These are the perspectives that lead to a higher quality of life.

When we experience optimism, we are more creative, less judgemental and have higher levels of resilience. I have found the first few months of this year hard, work and “life-admin” have felt like a burden at times, so looking back on this anniversary from the perspective of how bad it was is a self-defeating action. It will only fuel my feelings of stress and exhaustion. This is my flow of positivity from the start of the lockdown – I hope it inspires you to find yours:

  • I spent more time with my Dad as we shared lockdown together.
  • I learnt new self-reliance techniques as I coped with lots of household issues on my own, as there was no one else to fix them.
  • I was forced to restructure my work to an online model, leading to the creation of a whole new business.
  • I connected more with family over Zoom than we ever normally communicate.
  • I took the time to find points to celebrate (cocktails after work on a Friday, brunch at the weekends, mid-week special meals) even though we could not go out.
  • I got more rest – after 25 years of flying around the world, I slept in the same bed every night instead of 35,000 feet in the air.
  • I met amazing people in my neighbourhood and developed close friendships
  • I found an inspiring new workspace with supportive, interesting and exciting colleagues.
  • I reduced my travel by 80%, so I have time to see my friends, go to yoga and spend time with my amazing partner.

What difference did lockdown and the shifts associated with Covid make to your life? Find the positives and take a moment to celebrate them.