Is using AI making me lazy or more efficient?

I am only a few weeks into my experience of various AI tools and already I am noticing a shift in my behaviour.

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I am only a few weeks into my experience of using various AI tools and already I am noticing a shift in my behaviour and it’s making me wonder if using AI is making me lazy or more efficient… Below are a handful of examples:

Using the AI re-write function

This morning, I was posting an announcement to the Change Capability Community. I run this group on top of all my other responsibilities so am often pressed for time. I needed to get information to the group, and whilst I knew what I wanted to say, when I read my post, it wasn’t clear. I clicked the AI re-write function and it transformed the post into a compelling and engaging statement.

Utilising Microsoft Co-Pilot

Yesterday, I was struggling to decide what topics to include in a report, so I asked Microsoft Co-Pilot for a description of the subject. I didn’t agree with all the topic headings but it sparked ideas, and I started writing my own content.

Making use of ChatGPT

I had to write a series of guidelines, so I typed a request into ChatGPT and it gave me a ready-made document. Obviously, I edited this and added my own thoughts and content, but it was a rapid way to get started.

Does using AI mean I am cheating?

These shortcuts make me feel a little uneasy. There is a small part of my brain that tells me “I am cheating!” whenever I use AI. I was also listening to a very unhappy company owner recently who had been told by Google that a lot of the content on his website was coming from AI tools so it was going to be ranked a lot lower on search engines than it would if it was original content. He was very angry because he had been paying a marketing company to create unique content and clearly, they were not.

Obviously, there is a boundary between using AI to achieve an efficient short-cut and being deceitful about how much work is really ours.

In my next blog, I will be sharing my ideas about how to assess if content is unique.