Introducing the Agile Change Agent course and certification

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Agile approaches are increasingly adopted by organisations as they recognise the need to respond quickly and easily in a world of complex and continuous change.

For those responsible managing change (e.g. project managers / change managers), professional development opportunities are readily available and relatively easy to identify.

But what about wider team members involved in ‘making change happen’? They don’t necessarily need a full project/change manager qualification and managing/implementing change isn’t necessarily their day job. But they do need to understand the impact of Agile working and the effects of change, so they’re better prepared to support the implementation of Agile and change, those leading initiatives and those impacted by change .

The Agile Change Agent course and certification has been designed specifically with this audience in mind. During the webinar, Melanie Franklin (presenter and lead architect of the course) will:

• Outline the rationale for developing the course and certification

• Provide an overview of the course content, benefits and learning outcomes

• Highlight the target audience for the course

• Address the relationship and differences with existing courses / certifications.

The webinar is designed for those highlighted above, but also those involved in professional development for staff, colleagues and peers involved in Agile and change initiatives.