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Neuroscience for Change Webinar

  November 7, 2023
  15:00 - 16:00 GMT

About this event

To achieve business change, we must persuade all those impacted to adopt new ways of working. This means our communications need to generate enthusiasm and commitment, at a time when our stakeholders are facing overload. We are competing with hundreds of other messages and calls on their time, so how do we make sure we are heard?

Using techniques drawn from neuroscience ensures that what we say, what we ask for and how we respond to our stakeholders is not accidental. We can use techniques that are brain-smart, designed to trigger the required response because they use an understanding of how our brains process information, take decisions and act. We can use this scientific approach to understand the reasoning our brains apply to every situation, and tailor our interventions accordingly.

Join me as I introduce the new Neuroscience for Change certification, and explain the content of the course, what you will learn and how you will be able to apply this learning to your work.

There are limited places, so please register now to access the webinar and the supporting material that will be sent after the event.

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