Creating a network of change agents

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Organisational changes impact every role and every layer of our organisations, so it makes sense to build teams who can take the change directly to those affected. This paper is titled “Creating a network of change agents” but I question if it really is a network, because the most successful of these are supportive communities of colleagues and experts who collaborate to understand the change, communicate this understanding and gain support for its adoption.
Irrespective of the naming convention, there are multiple factors that inter-connect in creating an effective network of committed, enthusiastic and capable people to generate new ways of working. This paper will address the following:

Change Agent Network Activities Map © Agile Change Management Limited 2022

The source of the ideas in this paper come from a review of change networks that I and those I work with have created and managed over the last 5 years, to cover the period before and during Covid.

I think it is worth stating that the post Covid landscape of hybrid working has created new challenges and opportunities so I am sharing these insights with the hope of giving you ideas for what will work best for your changes.