Change Agent not secret agent!

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Examining the role of the Local Change Agent.

Increasingly, organizations are recognising that the only way they are going to deliver the huge amount of change that they have planned on their roadmaps and in their portfolios, is through internal capability.

Change only happens if those directly affected make the decision to start working differently, and these decisions are not made by external consultants imposing their will on others – they are made day-to-day by those altering how they carry out business as usual.

To help influence the pace of change at this local level sits the role of ‘Local’ Change Agent. This is a leadership role, relying on natural influencing and persuasion skills.

This webinar will look at how organizations are building their capability for change, and specifically what the role of Local Change Agent requires, and some of the techniques and activities that can help you create participation in your change initiatives.

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