Week 44 – Top 5 Advantages of reframing negative thoughts to positive ones

As this series of blog posts comes to an end, I wanted to remind us all why reframing from negative thoughts to positive ones is such an important capability.

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Advantages of reframing negative thoughts 

Reframing negative thoughts and establishing a positive environment gives us so many advantages:

  • We are more open to hearing new information, so we are less likely to shut down conversations or suggestions from others, and we are more curious about possibilities and seek out new sources of information
  • We are more creative because we can process more information than when we are stressed. The more information we can process, the more insights we have, the greater our ideas generation
  • We are less defensive, and we are more generous in how we engage with others, which reduces the level of conflict and means people have more energy to bring to their tasks
  • Feeling positive and optimistic builds our resilience, which increases our ability to keep going despite problems and barriers to our progress. As we keep going, we have more achievements, which feeds our positivity because we feel proud of what we have done
  • Positivity reduces our adrenaline and increases our dopamine (the feel-good chemical reaction in the brain), and this happiness infects others, reducing the sources of stress around us increasing our ability to remain positive – another virtuous circle

That’s a wrap on reframing negative thoughts 

I hope all the blog posts about reframing your negative thoughts and situations into positive ones have given you examples of how I struggle to achieve this and how a mindset of finding the good in every situation is a daily battle but one worth pursuing.

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