3 reasons to get a change management certification

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I know, we are all busy, but being a certified change manager saves you so much time, the effort you make now pays you back immediately you finish the course.

Reasons to get a change management certification

Here are 3 reasons to get a change management certification:

1. Credibility

If you don’t have a certification in the profession you claim to be an expert in, you will have to spend more time and effort convincing people you are credible and worth listening to. Creating change means asking people to take a risk and follow your lead. But it is hard to follow someone when you are not sure if they know what they are doing. Don’t just get a change management certification, let others know that you have it, so you can short cut the time taken to believe in you.

2. Authenticity

When you don’t have a certification, you are letting the world know that you don’t invest in yourself, and you don’t make change a priority in your career. The problem is, so many of the conversations we have with our stakeholders ask them to change how they work, invest in their development by learning new ways of working. So we have taken a short cut to being inauthentic – not a good look.

3. Achievement

So much of change is small wins, when someone makes the decision to adopt a new process, try out a new activity or start using a new system. These are our achievements, but sometimes they are so small they are hard to celebrate. We put all this effort into helping people work differently, so our continued motivation for our work is very important. Getting a certification is a way of turning these experiences into tangible evidence of our achievements.

Next steps

Now you know the reasons to get a change management certification, it’s time to take the next steps. My passion is creating your credibility, quieting your imposter syndrome and celebrating your success. I hope you keep these 3 factors in mind next time you are putting everyone else before yourself. It is time to invest in you.

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