Webinar: Reducing resistance to Agile methods

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One of the most common causes of resistance to adopting an Agile approach is a lack of understanding of the business benefits of Agile approaches.

Some of the greatest push-back comes from the concept of the evolving solution. To those who have little exposure to Agile methods, an evolving solution appears threatening. They are being asked to commit the money and resources to an unknown deliverable. There is fear that the Agile initiative, with its sprints and increments, is never-ending. One director recently queried if I was asking for an “open cheque book”.

If we want to broaden the adoption of Agile in our organizations, and unlock the full potential benefits, we have to take everyone with us. That means explaining, in business terms, what we are delivering and, critically, the many controls that exist within Agile to make sure we do what we said we would do.

In this webinar, presenter Melanie Franklin will address the challenges put forward by those resisting change. She will give examples of how she has overcome these and gained support from all levels within organisations for a move towards agile, adaptive practices.