Utilising AI for Tasks at Work

Part of teaching myself about AI is attendance at lots of webinars.

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I’m on a mission when it comes to utilising AI for tasks at work. Part of teaching myself about AI is attendance at lots of webinars. The other night after a long day, I tuned in to a session from Microsoft. They were explaining their copilot tool and as all the features washed over me (too tired to take in the details), one comment caught my attention “Think about AI first when you are doing a task”.

I think it resonated with me because any change in behaviour benefits from immersion. Including AI in how I think about my work is more likely to make me use AI, and of course, the more I use it, the more I learn, the more confident I become, the more I like it, the more I want to use it – the virtuous circle.

Another reason that comment stayed with me is because it aligns to the models for cultural change, which start with the core belief. Next comes the processes we follow, and then making the behaviour visible to everyone.


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Utilising AI for Tasks at Work

Thinking about how additional not artificial intelligence fits into what you are trying to achieve increases the probability that you will have a go – here are a few of my examples to get you thinking about how to include AI in your work:

Takes large volumes of data into useful summaries – it is now a standard practice in my company to record meetings, and put the transcript through an AI tool to get a summary of what we are doing

Helps you build demonstrations of the change – putting the description of the change into an AI tool and asking the question – what are the key elements of this change we should explain to users?

Thinking about questions first, answers second – in other words, whenever we have a new piece of work to do, we think of the questions we can put into ChatGPT first, so we never have to start with a blank piece of paper. For example:

  • What headings do we need for this document?
  • Who should as our stakeholders in this work?
  • What are the benefits of this change?

Do you have any examples to share about how you are engaging with AI?

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