Using AI tools to grow your knowledge

I am using lots of different AI tools to grow my personal knowledge because it is one of the quickest ways to learn new information.

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I am using lots of different AI tools to grow my personal knowledge because it is one of the quickest ways to learn new information.

One thing that all the tools have in common is the openness of the options. All the tools have an “ask me anything” search facility, which is great for growing knowledge. Initially, an ‘ask me anything’ feature sounds great because the tools can generate information on anything you want to grow your knowledge on. But, it has got me thinking about the amount of time that is wasted by scrolling through vast amounts of information that we could be subject to when we are not specific enough at the start.

How to get the most out of AI tools to grow your knowledge 

To get the most from AI tools to grow your knowledge, we have to do the up-front thinking. Be clear about what we are trying to learn and achieve. If we don’t think ahead, we will still get answers, but they are often so generic and wordy that they are useless.

Helpful questions and considerations for using AI tools to grow your knowledge 

To make sure that I am using the AI tools at my disposal in the best way to grow my knowledge, I am having to train myself in a new way of thinking. I wanted to share the questions I am using to refine my searches – you may find it helpful to think about the following:

  • What do I want to know? – remember, the AI tools are not as up-to-date as Google searches, so do not confuse the two. This is what ChatGPT said when I asked, “Which is better for research – Google or AI?”
    • Start with Google to gather existing research and understand the current state of knowledge in your field.
    • Then, if applicable, employ AI techniques and tools to analyze data, develop models, or automate aspects of your research process.
  • Can I be more specific about what I want to know?
    • How current do I want the information (specify this year)
    • Are there specific sources I want it to look for?
  • Why do I want to know this?
    • Is this information going to drive a decision I make
    • Is this search giving me new information to share with others?
  • Be specific about the format you need for your information:
    • Do you want AI to write a persuasive email for you?
    • If you want a slide presentation, it will give you a list of bullet points for the slides.
    • If you want a speech, it will write you a script you can read from

Because the tools are being updated constantly, and as I improve my knowledge of AI, I am building my criteria all the time. So, check back here for more ideas and share this link with others as we learn together.