Top 5 Benefits of Agile Change Management

As part of my work, I conduct several webinars each year around various topics related to the benefits of agile change management in organisations.

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As part of my work, I conduct several webinars each year around various topics related to the benefits of agile change management in organisations. These webinars are free to attend and are recorded and released on to YouTube to help anyone who would like to learn more about the benefits of Agile Change Management.

Through APMG, I have conducted a webinar about the benefits of Agile Change Management and why you should be investigating it for your organisation.

This webinar was so popular that I wanted to share some highlights, especially since we are all so busy and may not have the time to watch an hour-long video.

Top 5 Benefits of Agile Change Management

I have highlighted the top 5 practical benefits of using the Agile change management approach in any organisation.

1. More Effective Use of Time: Agile Change Management helps identify and eliminate wasteful activities. By focusing on delivering small, incremental changes, teams can ensure that resources are used effectively and projects are completed more efficiently.

Agile change management practices help streamline workflows by breaking down projects into manageable chunks. Working in short bursts makes it easy to see when time is wasted through unnecessary steps or duplication of work by team members.

By keeping each iteration short, it is easier to spot problems and fix them “in the moment” so they don’t cause more problems, and the fix takes less time and effort.

2. Increase the Flexibility and Adaptability of your Organisation: Another benefit of Agile Change Management includes activities for “horizon scanning” to search out and quickly respond to changes in the environment.

The iterative approach, using the Agile Change roadmap, creates a plan that is designed to be reworked at the end of each iteration to respond to new information and ideas. This means your organisation becomes flexible and adaptable to the outside world, which makes it more successful.

3. Enhance Your Team Collaboration: One of the benefits of Agile Change Management courses includes practical techniques for building trusted, productive relationships quickly within your organisation.

Collaboration between those creating the project deliverables and those deciding on new ways of working is essential to move from implementation to genuine adoption of the change. Agile Change Management includes criteria for effective collaboration and how to achieve it.

4. Improve Your Stakeholder Engagement: We all know how important stakeholders are for the success of any business. By involving stakeholders early and continuously throughout the process, Agile Change Management ensures that their needs and feedback are addressed promptly. This leads to higher satisfaction and better alignment with business objectives.

5. Overall Continuous Improvement for Your Organisation: Agile methodologies focus on continuous improvement through regular feedback and reviews. Teams can learn from each iteration and make incremental improvements, leading to better outcomes over time.

These benefits of Agile Change Management ensure you build your credibility. Working iteratively, but in an organised way enables you to focus on your immediate goals and achieve them quickly. You are then able to move on to more achievements and consistently appear in control, well-prepared and decisive. 

Agile Change Management Courses

Using an Agile Change approach upgrades you from managing to leading – so if you want a career boost this summer, make sure you get your Agile Change certifications – there are two courses for you to choose from:

Agile Change Agent – all the planning and benefits identification techniques so you can organise your work, explain what needs doing to others and demonstrate your progress to senior leaders

Agile Change Coach – learn 41 new brain-smart techniques that enable you to motivate and persuade your colleagues to get involved with your change and to start working differently. These techniques apply neuroscience, so they match how the brain works and trigger an immediate positive feeling.

People want to do what you ask, so you don’t need to keep asking and eventually annoying them!

Each of these courses is available via self-paced online learning or via a live virtual classroom.

If you have any questions about the benefits of Agile Change Management or either of the courses I can offer, then please contact me today.