Quick tricks for changing your perspective

I read a great leadership article this week about doing the right thing for your role, not necessarily the right/easy thing for you. It was all about how looking at a challenge from the perspective of your role gives you objectivity, which helps you to do difficult things. The logic is that if we look […]

Top Tips for Creating Successful Change

Levels of change keep on increasing. Organisations need to adapt and innovate more than ever to improve, remain competitive and succeed. With increasing change comes increasing impact on stakeholders, and it’s vital to ensure that change is managed effectively to ensure lasting success. In this webinar, presenter Melanie Franklin explains the most useful activities to […]

Sharing the value of Change Management

Too often change management is an after-thought, if it is considered at all. Our profession is not seen as an essential element in realising benefits, but an optional set of communication activities to explain projects to those impacted. In this webinar, presenter Melanie Franklin (co-lead of the Change Management Institute’s UK Chapter) will argue that […]

Webinar: Reducing resistance to Agile methods

One of the most common causes of resistance to adopting an Agile approach is a lack of understanding of the business benefits of Agile approaches. Some of the greatest push-back comes from the concept of the evolving solution. To those who have little exposure to Agile methods, an evolving solution appears threatening. They are being […]

Key Trends for Change Management in 2019

Start 2019 fully informed about how the change management profession is changing, and the impact this has on your objectives, your career opportunities, and your personal development choices. Presenter Melanie Franklin (Co-Chair of the Change Management Institute’s UK Chapter) will give us a tour through the key trends that will shape change management in the […]

Agile Change Agent – Free taster session !

We are excited to be able to share with you the footage from the free Agile Change Agent Taster session! Choosing the right certification to boost your personal value It’s tough to decide which training and certification to invest in and to be sure it will add real value to your role and your CV. […]

How to plan an Agile change initiative

It is a myth that Agile approaches do not involve any planning. In fact, the opposite is true; there is much more planning as part of Agile than there is for more traditional approaches. In this webinar, presenter Melanie Franklin will describe a step-by-step approach for creating a high-level plan and the techniques needed to […]