Quick tricks for changing your perspective

I read a great leadership article this week about doing the right thing for your role, not necessarily the right/easy thing for you. It was all about how looking at a challenge from the perspective of your role gives you objectivity, which helps you to do difficult things. The logic is that if we look […]

Lockdown 2.0 – Change fatigue!

The challenge Lockdown 2.0 has triggered change fatigue in many of us, because it is a great example of “here we go again”. The problem with the need to repeat the great sacrifices and personal restraint we showed the first time, is that we must dig deeper to find the rationale. We put all our […]

Be Career Agile

Introduction With so much uncertainty it might seem counter intuitive to plan your career but as we come to the end of the year and look more optimistically towards 2021 now is the time to decide what you want. By designing an ambitious goal you create the mechanism for identifying your ideal life. No-one gets […]

How emergent change really feels!

The challenge Over the last few months I have been living through a very significant change in my circumstances, triggered by Covid and Brexit. I am accidentally experiencing high levels of emergent change. There are many facets to this change and as is common with emergent change, there is no single source of requirements, so […]

Change Manage your career

My coaching sessions during this pandemic have raised a common issue: careers hitting a crossroads with the decision between increasingly specialist roles or taking a management position. We hit a plateau with our current career, feeling as if we are not being stretched or challenged by our current role. This can happen at any age, […]

Practical Tips for Creating a Network Of Change Agents

With so much change taking place, organisations are appointing staff across all roles and management grades to lead their colleagues through change. In this webinar, learn how to identify those involved, bring them together as an effective network, overcome common challenges and inspire your agents to champion change. Melanie is hugely experienced in creating these […]

Breaking Through the Challenges of Agile Implementation

In this webinar, I explain the meaning behind these three common words: • Agile – flexible, get things done faster. • Change – delivering new and different. • Management – a structured approach to deliver this. I explain how to apply the principles and concepts from the many Agile methodologies around the world to managing […]

Lessons learned – Agile for teams

Introduction I attended an inspiring talk on using neuroscience to create high performing teams by Kamila Sip, Director of Neuroscience Research at Neuroleadership Institute. Three factors emerged as key to excellent team relationships and high performance: Have a common goal – clarity of what is expected and why is a powerful unifying force for the […]