Sponsorship of behavioural change

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Development of Sponsor programmes

In the last year I have been asked for sponsor development programmes to enable organisations to build the capacity to meet the high volumes of strategic change that they are undertaking. These programmes include designing and delivering training courses and holding coaching sessions to enable managers to understand their responsibilities and more importantly identify the tasks and techniques for carrying them out.

When writing about Sponsors, I am not assuming that a Sponsor is necessarily a very senior manager. Many organisations are realising that in order to cope with the high volumes of change that they want to achieve, they need to distribute leadership of these initiatives further down their organisational hierarchy. Many of the Sponsors I have coached in the last 12 months are experienced “middle management” who lead departments and functions but do not have executive responsibility.

This paper summarises the information that the Sponsors I have worked with have found most useful and shares their experiences of being an effective sponsor.

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