Selling change to reluctant stakeholders

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Effective change management involves influencing, motivating, and persuading those impacted that
they want to abandon their current ways of working, and are excited about adopting new approaches. The changes we want to implement do not become a reality unless those that will have to work in the new way adopt them as new routines and habits. Change cannot be done by the few to the many, change is a contact sport that involves the engagement of everyone. Inevitably this means that we need to work with those who do not want to change. There is a famous model that captures this dilemma, highlighting that there will always be those who adapt quickly to changing circumstances and those who remain committed to the current status quo.

This paper is about persuading those who want to continue the current ways of working that change is needed. Specifically this paper addresses those who have “evidence” on their side, because the current situation is successful.

Use this guide for ideas on persuading those impacted by change to adopt new ways of working.