Quality criteria for an excellent training course

I run training courses regularly, these span from 1-hour webinars to full courses delivered over multiple days.

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I run training courses regularly, these span from 1-hour webinars to full courses delivered over multiple days. Over the years I’ve learnt what works well for me as the training provider, as well as listened to feedback from the attendees to create this list of quality criteria for an excellent training course.

Quality criteria for an excellent training course

If you are selecting a training course for your workplace, it’s important that you get what you need out of it. I like to make sure I am always delivering top quality, effective training courses and to do this I am constantly learning from my attendees.

At the end of my training courses, I ask attendees to share their feedback. I have collected feedback from 15 of my most recent courses to summarise quality criteria for an excellent training course and learning experience for all:

  1. Expert Knowledge and Recall:
  • The trainer’s deep knowledge and ability to recall models and specific details enhances the learning experience.
  1. Practical Application:
  • The course provides practical actions, real-life examples, and communication strategies that can be applied beyond the theoretical knowledge.
  1. Engaging and Enjoyable:
  • The course is structured to be fun and entertaining, making it easier to absorb a large amount of material.
  1. Structured and Comprehensive:
  • Despite the vast content, the course is well-organised, making complex theories and models easy to understand and remember.
  1. Interactive and Collaborative:
  • Breakout sessions and group activities promote interaction, allowing participants to share experiences and learn from each other.
  1. Confidence Building:
  • The course helps build confidence in participants’ abilities to apply the knowledge and succeed in examinations.
  1. Personal and Professional Growth:
  • Participants gain not only professional knowledge but also personal insights that improve their communication and stakeholder management skills.
  1. Supportive Learning Environment:
  • The trainer provides a supportive and inspiring atmosphere, encouraging participants to engage fully and overcome initial apprehensions.
  1. Diverse Participation:
  • The course attracts a diverse group of participants from various industries and sectors, enriching the learning experience with different perspectives.
  1. Memorable and Impactful:
  • The training is memorable due to the trainer’s engaging delivery, use of stories, and practical examples that bring the material to life.

The importance of meeting the criteria for excellent training courses

Meeting these criteria ensures that everyone who attends my Change Management Practitioner; Agile Change Agent; Agile Change Coach; Neuroscience for Change courses finish the course with a solid understanding of techniques and the confidence to apply them effectively in their work.

Before booking your next course, use these criteria to assess if the course will meet your needs and is the best use of your time.