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Handling Change when there is no sense of Urgency

Coming out of a pandemic is not the same as entering one. Last March was a crisis, we knew we had to work from home, and the media reinforced the change that our organizations needed us to make. There was a country-wide sense of urgency. It led many to think that making change was easy […]

Using Data to Achieve Real Alignment for Change

People see things differently. They make assumptions about how things are, then use those as the basis of their decisions and actions. In complex, dynamic, and diverse environments this leads to misalignment. It’s inevitable and sits underneath pretty much any problem you can name, undermining performance and causing frustration. Trouble is, because misalignment sits between […]

Managing Data Effectively for Behaviour Change

At our next event we have asked Myles Runham to help us start the conversation. He will be asking us to think about: What is data for? To provide and update or drive decision making What are the different types of data? How can it be used for driving behaviour change? Myles brings his experience […]

The Value of Change Management and how to measure it

Following on from our successful January event talking about measuring change we wanted to look at how we apply that to our profession. We will be discussing the value of change management and looking at how we can measure that value. Download the paper for a full summary of the outcomes. To join the continuous […]

Establishing the value of change management – for all roles

As change professionals we know that what we do has value for the organisation, helping to achieve earlier and potentially higher return on investment by enabling tangible change to become fully adopted new ways of working. But if you are a Line Manager, Team Leader, Supervisor or staff member impacted by change, do you know […]

Identifying the Benefits of Change

When defining the benefits of change - what benefits should we be looking for – is revenue increase/cost decrease too high level? Does it include the benefits of changes in behaviours? What baselines should we use to measure the change against, when what the baselines refer to is also changing? Who owns the benefits, who […]