It is time to understand Agile!

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Agile is a buzzword that everyone is talking about, but which is interpreted differently depending who you talk to. Now Agile is being labelled differently by different groups. This includes the terms Agile Change Management and Agile Project Management.

As the author of a book called Agile Change Management I thought you might appreciate these resources to help you build your understanding of this important topic.

Strategic view of Agile change management

When I am in the boardroom, Agile is perceived as a mechanism for implementing change faster and getting ideas to market ahead of the competition. It is seen as a competitive advantage and strategically important. However, at a senior level the problem is that it is regarded as a mechanism, when it is a cultural change, because it is not a set of processes, it is a way of thinking and behaving.

IT view of Agile change management

For my clients in IT development and delivery, Agile is represented by a collection of methodologies including Scrum®, SAFe® and AgilePM®. However, whilst this group follow the principles and techniques of Agile, too often they don’t have the clout to implement the cultural change needed to gain wide adoption of their approach.

Project view of Agile Change Management

For my clients in project and change management, Agile is too often a way to deliver change, but without the rigour offered by framing it as an initiative. Therefore, they are working with project teams who want to get on and deliver, and who have little patience for producing the business case, the strategies for managing people, quality and approach.

If you want to learn more about Agile, use these resources to update your knowledge:

Paper explaining the concepts and terminology