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Agile Change Management

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If you are in any form of leadership position, this webinar will give you the chance to benchmark your own behaviour against agile excellence and to identify areas for improvement. If you are a project/programme manager, PMO or Product Owner, this will give you lots of ideas of what discuss with your Sponsor. To support your “managing upwards” objectives, I will provide you with examples of what actions to ask your senior leaders to focus on and why these are essential to an effective agile culture.

Feedback from many webinars, surveys and research into the adoption of agile practices clearly tells us that culture is the main blocker. In this webinar, presenter Melanie Franklin will give us a masterclass in how to define and adopt a shift in the culture of our organizations, creating the environment for a more agile approach to our projects, programmes and change initiatives and top tips and advice for breaking down a common barrier to Agile adoption.

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Feedback on the Value of the ACC course

Really excited to share great feedback about my Agile Change Coach course – join the last course here.  In just two days we’ll work through lots of easy to apply neuroscientific short cuts to help you establish new ways of working and overcome resilience.  Also please can we put it in a nice front? I think you did this for the agile change agent video. The video on there now is different to that one so I cant find it to remind you.

In this webinar, I will run through the basics of what neuroscience is, how it applies to managing change, the benefits of basing your interventions on neuroscientific principles and shares examples of how you can apply the concepts to your own change initiatives.

Why the Agile Change Agent Course is relevant to You

This short video explains the relevance and the benefits of the Agile Change Agent course and qualification from a client perspective, and why organisations are selecting this course as their default change management training option.

Top Tips for Creating Successful Change

In this webinar, presenter Melanie Franklin explains the most useful activities to create change that has the support and participation of those affected. This webinar is designed to help all those who are being asked to help implement change at work.

Practical Tips for Creating a Network Of Change Agents

With so much change taking place, organisations are appointing staff across all roles and management grades to lead their colleagues through change. In this webinar, learn how to identify those involved, bring them together as an effective network, overcome common challenges and inspire your agents to champion change. 

I am in a unique position because I balance being an active practitioner of change with transferring my knowledge to others, whereas most people with my experience are either solely leading change or training and coaching full time. I believe this balance ensures my advice is relevant and practical.

In this free-to-attend webinar, renowned Agile, PPM & Change Management expert Melanie Franklin provides practical guidance to demonstrate how to overcome:

  • Aligning an agile approach with a waterfall project delivery
  • Not enough available resources from the business to collaborate with
  • Too many other changes taking place at the same time
  • Everything changing around us

Melanie uses content from the highly regarded Agile Change Agent course to provide solutions, techniques and actions you can take to tackle these issues in your workplace.

Agile Change Agent -Free taster session!

We are excited to be able to share with you the footage from the free Agile Change Agent Taster session! Choosing the right certification to boost your personal value It’s tough to decide which training and certification to invest in and to be sure it will add real value to your role and your CV. Melanie Franklin, Chief Examiner of the Agile Change Agent course will provide a free taster session in this webinar to help you decide whether this course is for you.

Latest Training for Managing Change 2020

All staff have experienced unprecedented levels of change in the last 2 months, and as countries transition out of lock-down there will be further change to establish the “new normal”.   Effective Change Management techniques reduce stress and provide support to staff, reducing negative mental health impacts. Skills in managing Change are a core competence, at all levels of the organisation. 

How to plan an Agile change initiative

In this webinar, presenter Melanie Franklin will describe a step-by-step approach for creating a high-level plan and the techniques needed to develop specific plans for each element of your change. She will include advice on how to prioritise activities and how to ensure those with the skills and knowledge to carry out the activities participate and become a volunteer resource pool for your change initiatives.

Breaking Through the Challenges of Agile Implementation

In this webinar, I explain the meaning behind these three common words: 

• Agile – flexible, get things done faster

• Change – delivering new and different

• Management – structured approach to deliver this

Agile demystified – The Sequel!

A key part of the cultural transformations that Melanie Franklin is involved in is the desire to become more Agile. A common issue across all these transformations is the confusion around what Agile is and what it will mean for the organisation. In this webinar Melanie Franklin is going to start with the basics, explaining the different Agile brands, the principles of Agile working and how this translates into Agile processes and a life-cycle model. 

Being Agile!

This is a recording from an APMG International webinar presented by Melanie Franklin of Agile Change Management, in this webinar Melanie takes us through some things you can do to include greater levels of agile processes in everyday life!

Sharing the value of Change Management

In this webinar, presenter Melanie Franklin (co-lead of the Change Management Institute’s UK Chapter) will argue that to get the recognition needed for the value of change management activities, we must explain the outcomes we achieve, demonstrating how we can help the business achieve its objectives.