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What Next – Summer Planning Event

  July 20, 2022
  12:30 - 14:00 BST

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About this event

Over the summer many of us take the opportunity to think about what do I do next. Sometimes its about what are the challenges in their current role or maybe its about developing capability for the future. Some think about looking for new opportunities or improving our work/life balance or just tackling some issue that needs resolving.

For our last event before the summer we are going to give everyone the chance to do that thinking and answer the question “how can I improve how I do my job”. As a group lets investigate our skill gaps and consider creative ways to fill them.

We already know you are interested in personal development otherwise you wouldn’t be attending these events in the first place. This is an opportunity to spend an hour being creative about discovering your next steps by hearing the ideas of others, and being intentional about actioning them by planning how you take your favourite idea forward into your working life.

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