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Using Data to Achieve Real Alignment for Change

  November 17, 2021
  17:30 - 19:00 GMT

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About this event

People see things differently. They make assumptions about how things are, then use those as the basis of their decisions and actions. In complex, dynamic, and diverse environments this leads to misalignment. It’s inevitable and sits underneath pretty much any problem you can name, undermining performance and causing frustration. Trouble is, because misalignment sits between people, it’s not often visible. And because most people want to avoid conflict, there it sits.

We call it ‘The Fog’.

In this interactive session, Lindsay Uittenbogaard, founder and CEO of Team Reality Reporting tool, Mirror Mirror will cover:

  • The research around alignment – and why it’s not about everyone agreeing with each other
  • How all this plays into an updated definition of alignment – including cognition and behaviour
  • How Team Reality Reporting identifies and measures alignment gaps between people
  • And how that is the start of an alignment process – with some data and examples in practice

Download the paper for a full summary of the outcomes.

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