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Resilience Powers Change

  September 8, 2022
  12:30 - 13:30 BST

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About this event

Everyone is under pressure, demands on our time to excel in our day job whilst helping to change and improve how we do things. No wonder resilience is such a hot topic. We know the ability to keep going despite set backs is a critical life skill, but do we know how to create it for ourselves and for others? I will share practical techniques for achieving two elements of resilience: reducing the blockers to change; using neuro-hacks to reframe how people feel about change.

I deliver this session in-house to lots of organisations and it is one of their favourites because they all leave the session with at least one idea of how to reduce the pressure they are under, and feel more able to cope with everything that is expected of them.

Join me to access all my practical ideas and solutions, and lets reduce the stress of our workplaces.

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