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Benchmark Change Confidence

  September 18, 2023
  08:00 - 17:00 BST

About this event

Change and Transformation is a critical success factor and competitive advantage. How confident are you that your organisation excels at implementing new ways of working?

My work involves making the case for investing in the skills and mechanisms to design, plan and adopt change using a reliable, intuitive approach. Like you, I need evidence of what others are doing to give strength to my arguments. No surveys specifically address the capability for change, so I have commissioned one!

In collaboration with Truthsayers®, I’m launching the first Enterprise-wide Change and Transformation Survey (ECATS) to benchmark the level of change confidence within organisations globally.

I am inviting all those with enterprise-wide responsibility for building change and transformation capability to take part.

I know that our diverse range of job titles means it is easy to miss out those with these responsibilities so if this is you or your colleagues, please get in touch so you and your organisation can be included. The survey is live from 18th September until 23rd October 2023

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