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Data Driven Assessment of Current State of Organizational Change Management

  January 11, 2023
  18:00 - 19:00 GMT


About this event

Recently, Melanie Franklin commissioned her company’s annual invitation-only “Capability for Change” Survey completed by heads/directors of change and transformation who are responsible for building the capability for change in their organizations.

The objective of the survey is to generate the data that helps all of us make the case for investing in change.

We know that many organizations are only at the start of their journey of treating change management as an essential discipline – this survey highlights what others are doing, so we can all benchmark ourselves.

The survey has incorporated neuroscience to assess both how we think we are doing and how we feel we are doing.

The differences between these answers highlights areas that we need to address.

In addition, the survey data has produced insights about the types of changes we are doing, and the elements of good practice that we have implemented and the areas that we have not yet implemented successfully.

Joining us for this webinar will enable you to compare your achievements and experiences against the respondents of this global survey and use this information to identify what your next steps should be.

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