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Creating Participation in Change Panel Discussion

  September 21, 2022
  17:30 - 19:00 BST

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About this event

From previous debates, as a community, we recognise that the volume of change organisations are commissioning cannot be managed solely by dedicated change managers. The only way to achieve change at scale/enterprise level change is to mobilise everyone to participate.

This impacts the priorities of the change management profession:

  • Training – giving answers to the practical problems that managers and staff experience in developing, practising and adopting new ways of working. They do not have the time nor the interest in learning the theories and models of change. If deeper knowledge is needed, they can call on us, the change management profession for help.
  • Coaching – we need to partner with those impacted by change, demonstrate our empathy for the pressure they are under to split themselves between business as usual and making change happen. We need to be a trusted expert who they can bounce ideas off and grow their confidence in making change happen.
  • Capability for change – creating the responsibility and ownership for change in those impacted by the change, as they are closest to the operational practicalities of the change, and need to play their part in shaping the scope and delivering the new ways of working.

Join our panel discussion which will debate these priorities, add to them, and identify ideas for how we might achieve them. Our panel is comprised of those taking part in this debate in the LinkedIn group (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8975946/), who are experiencing the issues raised above and are at the forefront in their organisations of addressing these issues.

Download the paper for a full summary of the outcomes.
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