Why Agile is changing how we manage change

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Agile methods drive a stream of continuous change into the business. Some organisations are struggling to manage this volume of change. As a result, Agile delivery teams and change professionals must collaborate. Change Managers have to change their approach to leading behavioural change, and Agile teams need to expand their backlogs to include user stories […]

Behavioural Change webinar free recording

Project Managers need to know about behavioural change To be an effective Project Manager, an appreciation of what is required to create behavioural change is essential. It is no longer enough to appreciate that project deliverables trigger the ‘change curve’ where our users experience lower productivity as they unlearn the old ways of working and […]

Sponsorship of behavioural change

Development of Sponsor programmes In the last year I have been asked for sponsor development programmes to enable organisations to build the capacity to meet the high volumes of strategic change that they are undertaking. These programmes include designing and delivering training courses and holding coaching sessions to enable managers to understand their responsibilities and […]