Managing high volumes of Change

One of the most well received sessions in my Change Management Practitioner course is a debate on the practical solutions for addressing the challenge of managing multiple changes. The change management profession continues to evolve, and we can no longer rely on techniques that manage only singular changes. We cannot ignore the reality that at […]

Quick guide to Change Management

Change Management is a hot topic and there are lots of exciting change management related jobs paying high salaries as organisations continue to grapple with the challenge of continuous change and innovation. In this webinar, presenter Melanie Franklin will cover the basics, so you have a clear understanding of what change management is and how […]

Value of effective portfolio management

My role is to help organisations build their capability for change. This involves developing their change management methods, training staff, creating toolkits and coaching people in how to adapt to change. As part of being able to adapt to change and implement it more effectively, my clients often want to adapt Agile ways of working, […]

Impact of Agile on Change Management

Agile approaches and techniques are having significant impact on the volume, frequency and type of change that is taking place in organisations. In this paper I want to explore how the techniques and responsibilities for managing change might change in response to the impact of Agile. The adoption of Agile approaches continues to deepen across […]

Change Agent not secret agent!

Examining the role of the Local Change Agent. Increasingly, organizations are recognising that the only way they are going to deliver the huge amount of change that they have planned on their roadmaps and in their portfolios, is through internal capability. Change only happens if those directly affected make the decision to start working differently, […]