The value of Change Management

Change management involves introducing change, and in an organisation context, this means introducing new ways of working. We know that when we present our colleagues (and ourselves) with something new, we trigger stress – the loss Change triggers many emotions so the process of moving from old to new ways of working needs careful management. […]

Agile Demystified

There is so much “noise” about Agile that I wanted to write a paper that enables everyone with different levels of knowledge to get onto the same page. My hope is that this paper will help you understand the terminology, the basic concepts that underpin an Agile approach, and the benefits of working in this […]

Change Overload!

The high volume of change taking place in organisations causes concerns for those of us implementing change and for those staff experiencing change. Too much change risks destabilising the ability of the organisation to carry out “business as usual”. Read this paper for a summary of the issues and ideas for how to address them. Change […]

Why don’t people use our work?

This presentation was delivered at Agile Tour London presentation Friday October 19th 2018. The objective of the presentation was to understand why the improvements in project productivity through regular project deliverables available after every sprint has caused problems for our users. The presentation explained aspects of how the brain works, and how users react to […]