Lessons learned – Agile for teams

Introduction I attended an inspiring talk on using neuroscience to create high performing teams by Kamila Sip, Director of Neuroscience Research at Neuroleadership Institute. Three factors emerged as key to excellent team relationships and high performance: Have a common goal – clarity of what is expected and why is a powerful unifying force for the […]

Lessons learned – prioritising

Introduction At a presentation by Don Harrison, President of IMA, I was totally inspired by his comment “stop talking about prioritisation and start talking about sequencing”. Don was referring to the problem that senior executives too often have multiple top priorities. This means that whilst they believe they are prioritising they are in fact categorising. […]

New resources

Free Agile Change resources! Click here to access free training in Agile and Change Management. These webinars have had great feedback, very popular as they make sure the basics are clear for everyone: Basics of achieving successful behavioural change: https://mkt.clarizen.com/webinar-register-motivation-behavior-change-management.html?refer=website Basics of Agile: https://apmg-international.com/events/demystifying-agile, and because the webinar was so successful, I am doing a […]

Neuroscience for change management

Fantastic event in Bristol this week on neuroscience for change management. Brilliant speaker, Tom Flatau from Team Working International gave us insight and led us through discussions on the practical application in managing change of how the brain works. My key takeaways were: By understanding how the brain works, you get an insight into what […]

Agile lessons learned

Introduction Running an Agile workshop for those new to Agile this week, and two lessons learned really jumped out at me: I don’t think we talk enough about the business case for adopting an Agile mindset. I don’t think we talk enough about Agile as a culture, not a set of processes and techniques. Business […]

Design Thinking

So many ‘lightbulb’ moments for me at this thought provoking event Change Management Institute UK event, but key ones I will take away: Clarifying what design thinking is all about. Design is not what something looks like but how it works. So when we say something has been well designed, what we are really saying […]