Too much talking, not enough doing!

The problem I know how important communication is to successful change management, but I have a situation where too much communication is causing a problem. My client is an organisation who have lagged behind many others in the progress they have made in changing how they work in response to Covid. They have effectively squandered the […]

Change fatigue is a myth !

Great discussion this week with some talented change managers about whether “change fatigue” is real? This was part of a debate on the need for our stakeholders to adopt high volumes of change, and effectively how much change they could cope with (how many balls they could juggle) all at the same time. The argument […]

Quick tricks for changing your perspective

I read a great leadership article this week about doing the right thing for your role, not necessarily the right/easy thing for you. It was all about how looking at a challenge from the perspective of your role gives you objectivity, which helps you to do difficult things. The logic is that if we look […]

Lockdown 2.0 – Change fatigue!

The challenge Lockdown 2.0 has triggered change fatigue in many of us, because it is a great example of “here we go again”. The problem with the need to repeat the great sacrifices and personal restraint we showed the first time, is that we must dig deeper to find the rationale. We put all our […]

How emergent change really feels!

The challenge Over the last few months I have been living through a very significant change in my circumstances, triggered by Covid and Brexit. I am accidentally experiencing high levels of emergent change. There are many facets to this change and as is common with emergent change, there is no single source of requirements, so […]