Professional Change Management

Introduction Working with an amazing group of Change Agents last week, so committed to making change happen in their organisation. Led us into lots of discussions about how to manage high volumes of change. We debated what I refer to as “enterprise level change” which is the informal mobilisation of lots of teams to deliver […]

Agile leads to honesty!

Introduction I am helping an organisation transition from waterfall to Agile project management. This has led to lots of discussions on the benefits of Agile. Aside from the obvious benefits of faster response to changing circumstances, continuous representation of the customer/business viewpoint and earlier return on investment, I want to add honesty. Honesty refers to […]

Lessons learned – reinforcing change

Introduction I attended numerous presentations last week which identified how critical senior leader commitment to change really is. This isn’t a surprise to any of us, but I thought it would be useful to define some practical activities to generate the reinforcement of change by senior leaders. To ensure the change you make becomes the […]

Lessons learned – Agile for teams

Introduction I attended an inspiring talk on using neuroscience to create high performing teams by Kamila Sip, Director of Neuroscience Research at Neuroleadership Institute. Three factors emerged as key to excellent team relationships and high performance: Have a common goal – clarity of what is expected and why is a powerful unifying force for the […]