Case Study

White label CM process for consultancies


The company that hired me has a proprietary data analytics platform that it sells to businesses all over the world. Although the organisation is skilled at assessing its customers data and configuring the platform to meet their technical requirements they receive negative feedback because the platform has not delivered the business improvements that were hoped for.

The root cause of these complaints is that there is no help from the company on how to change processes and ways of working to get the most out of the platform. The Implementation Teams can clearly execute projects but they are not skilled in Change Management. They do not connect the delivery of the platform to the realisation of strategic objectives and do not see anything past the ‘go-live’ date as their responsibility.


I designed a new service, called Change Readiness, presented it to the board and got their endorsement. I designed and delivered training to Implementation teams around the world, including sales and marketing staff. I worked with HR to redesign roles, establish new KPIs and hired additional staff experienced in embedding change. The service included templates and checklists for all aspects of behavioural change for typical user roles in the customer organisations, guidance on how to run workshops to design new processes and the creation of new agile training courses that explained how to use the platform in customer relevant situations.


The company has been able to sell its change readiness service to all new clients, netting a revenue increase of 40%. Anecdotal evidence from the Sales Teams is that the existence of the Change Readiness Service is a competitive advantage and is very popular with those creating the business case for the platform in their organisations.


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Maria Keshina

Head of Broadcast operations