Case Study

CEO coaching post-acquisition


The CEO was appointed by the European acquiring company (construction) to run their UK based subsidiary (specialist construction). He was appointed during the acquisition process from a competitor, where he had been the Managing Director of a single business unit. This was his first CEO position, and his first involvement with an acquisition. The rationale for the acquisition was that the UK firm had a good reputation, but sales had fallen over the last few years whilst staff costs had remained constant. The new CEO had to establish his credibility with the staff and develop and implement an aggressive growth strategy.


I was appointed by the acquiring company to support the new CEO. I developed a trusting and empathetic relationship based on my own experiences of board positions, which he found useful and relevant. We agreed that I would partner with him to develop the strategy and I would also lead on staff communications.

I developed a programme of workshops and events with staff to enable them to meet and work with the CEO so that he could get to know them and hear their issues. I designed an exchange programme between the UK staff and the European Head Office to enable the UK to fully appreciate the benefits of being part of a larger, global network and to identify the opportunities for sharing equipment and staff to enable the UK to bid for larger projects.

I developed a marketing and sales strategy, hired a marketing agency and brought in sales staff, developed marketing collateral including the new website and designed a UK advertising campaign.

On a personal level, I worked with the CEO to build his confidence, help him with public speaking, sales and marketing activities and structuring of strategy papers for the European board.


Sales growth, cost reduction, and increased confidence of the CEO. I was retained by the European company for other acquisitions and I continue to support the CEO informally.


Inspiring coaching that builds confidence and careers

Maria Keshina

Head of Broadcast operations