Cascading Change

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Organisations all over the world are experiencing high volumes of change as a result of Agile methods, which create continuous, small scale change, disruptive technologies which increase the pace of process, role and system changes and continuous demand from customers for innovation.

This generates a need for greater capacity for managing change to keep pace with this increased volume. This increase in capacity comes from existing staff volunteering their participation in the change, but we have to generate the motivation for this in an environment where staff are experiencing a constant state of uncertainty, and struggle to maintain ‘business as usual’ when everything they rely on to do their jobs is restructured, replaced or enhanced.

This paper sets out a structure, processes and responsibilities for mobilising all staff to be a part of the change effort, minimising the risk that change is the sole responsibility of a few transformation specialists who have change management expertise but who do not work in and are not impacted by the business they are transforming. This enables a change to move from being a strategic objective to actual adoption as new ways of working.

Download the full paper: Cascading change throughout an organisation