Benefits of the Agile Change Coach Course

The benefits of the Agile Change Coach course, as shared by participants, include

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The benefits of the Agile Change Coach course, as shared by participants, include:

  1. Reinvigoration and Motivation: Alison mentioned that the course reignited her passion for change and provided her with self-care techniques to maintain resilience and motivation.
  2. Emotional Support Tools: Monica appreciated the new tools and tips for addressing the emotional aspects of change, which she found tricky to handle before.
  3. Tactical Tools and Networking: Ashley highlighted gaining practical tools and techniques to use in her work, as well as building a valuable professional network.
  4. Toolbox for Everyday Use: Phillida emphasized gaining a comprehensive set of tools for both project-based and everyday scenarios, along with increased confidence and enthusiasm for agile change management.
  5. People-Centric Approach: Raylene found the focus on putting people at the center of change particularly inspiring, as it is often overlooked.
  6. Role Reframing and Practical Steps: Jenny, new to change management, found the course helpful in rethinking her role and provided her with practical steps for her projects.
  7. Confidence and Shared Experiences: Marianne appreciated the confidence to have conversations about change and valued the shared experiences and stories from other participants.
  8. Understanding of Change Management: Sabrina, from an IT change background, gained a better understanding of change management from a people perspective, with tips and techniques to influence success.
  9. Comprehensive Lifecycle Understanding: Alex found it useful to see the integration of behavioral and tangible aspects of change, along with practical tools and techniques.
  10. Convincing Leadership: Shreena valued learning how to use tools to communicate the importance of investing in change management to leadership and executives, bridging the gap between people-focused language and business essentials.

Overall, participants felt more motivated, equipped with practical tools, better prepared to handle the emotional and people-centric aspects of change, and confident in advocating for change management within their organisations.

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