Agile continues to grow

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The 12th annual State of Agile report has recently been published, with some interesting insights. Here are my key takeaways:

Where Agile is being used, successes are being reported at the individual project level, with two thirds stating their projects have achieved their objectives. However, only 12% believe that there is a high level of competency with Agile practices across their organisation.

Expected benefits from Agile adoption are being realised. There is an 80% overlap between the reasons for adopting Agile and the benefits being realised from adopting Agile.

The biggest challenge to further success with Agile relate to the culture change that working in an Agile way demands. Just over half of respondents feel that the culture of their organisation doesn’t align to the philosophy and principles of Agile.

Just under half were hampered by general resistance to change within their organisation, and 42% were suffering from inadequate management support and sponsorship.

This tells me that those of us in the change management community have a lot to offer organisations that are adopting Agile methods. We can help to structure the move to Agile as a cultural change, because that is what it is. Our experience of managing cultural change is obviously needed based on the statements in this survey.

If you are interested in Agile Change training, have a look at this paper on treating Agile as a cultural change

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