Agile Change Agent online session plan

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Now available through virtual learning

After extensive trials, on-line delivery of this course, with excellent feedback from delegates on level of interactivity and ability to ask questions and share experiences.

This course is based upon the successful book “Agile Change Management – a practical framework for successful change planning and implementation. The course is divided into 4 parts to reflect the chapters in the book:

  • Concepts and roadmap
  • Business need
  • Relationship building
  • Environment

It is a very hands-on course full of opportunities to “see, do, learn”. The emphasis is on building capability using pre-prepared checklists, questionnaires and models that can be tailored to the context and content of whatever change you are involved in.

Learning Outcomes

  • Make decisions about how to allocate the available time to deliver greatest value.
  • Understand how to prioritise activities according to their business value
  • Apply techniques to identify the benefits of your change and how each of these benefits are dependent on each other.
  • Define the information you need to manage your change initiative
  • Understand who you need to involve and how to best engage with them through empathy and trust
  • Identify your preferences for how you do your work and how this might impact those you are working with.
  • Develop strategies for building resilience in motivation in yourself and others.

Course Outline

Download the Course Outline here

Session Plan

Download the online session plan for our online Agile Change Agent course