Top 5 benefits of agile

Training the Agile Change Agent course always generates new insights into how to adopt an agile approach to project and change management. This week I had 16 insightful, experienced project, programme, portfolio and change managers on the course, developing the rationale for adopting an evolving solution, rather than trying to plan everything up front. These are our top 5 ideas – what would you add to this list?

1.     Faster to market because instead of waiting for completion of the complete solution, we can get elements of it implemented quickly, generating feedback on what works and what doesn’t and what else we could add to make it even better.

2.     Less disruption to business as usual so those impacted are more at ease. Change might occur more frequently, but the scale of those changes is smaller, as we are only implementing part of the solution each time.

3.     We build trust with those we are impacting because of talking about what we are going to give them we give them something quickly, so they can see we are telling the truth. We are an increasingly cynical society, so this proof is very impactful in reducing the doubts. This creates a virtuous circle because belief that the change is really happening encourages participation in it. If we doubt something, we don’t volunteer our time and effort but if we know it is definitely going ahead we are more likely to become involved.

4.     Creates excitement, motivation and momentum because each change should add value – it should solve problems and create improvements to what we are doing now. Achieving this frequently and regularly throughout the life of our change maintains a level of interest and support from those impacted.

5.     Early delivery of change builds early capability in the new ways of working. This creates pride in what is being achieved, creating a positive environment which inspires creativity and commitment for more change.