Agile demystified – The Sequel !

In our first session on the basics of Agile we examined the core concepts of Agile, the techniques, the terminology and the practical difficulties of adopting an Agile approach.

In this sequel, we examine in more detail how your ways of working will need to change to get the full value from an Agile approach including:

• How does working in an Agile environment impact how you work as a team? Changes in information sharing, understanding what empowerment really means, using criteria for taking decisions, and the ability to break work into increments that can be delivered early and frequently to the business.

• How does an Agile approach change how you work with your customers and those in the business? How do you make sure they have the time to get involved in shaping the project deliverables, and how do you explain the Agile techniques that most impact them including daily scrums, sign-offs, retrospectives and providing effective feedback? •

How does an Agile approach change how you work with senior management? Explaining how Agile works and getting agreement to working without providing written progress reports, explaining incremental planning and involving senior leaders in frequent sign-off reviews.